Bring your concept into “life”!

Author: Luis Moreira, Founder & Consultant

Date: 08/11/2017

Bring your concept into “life” reducing development cost and time it’s not that difficult, let’s see how.

Footwear has always been an extremely dynamic and fast paced industry. Innovation is a constant requirement and the pursue of faster and more efficient processes is always present. 

What I will demonstrate here is how you can speedup your development process and reducing its cost at the same time.

The process begins by developing the concept in 3D, as usually it is done to produce the moulds and tools. Once the model is ready the geometry is used to create renders by leveraging photo realistic softwares, where endless kinds of materials, colours and textures can be applied.

The very same model can be printed in 3D using additive manufacturing technologies, and if approved it can finally be sent for the mold manufacture. Since we are using the same model for the three different stages there’s no waist of time or resources, and it’s a “winning/winning” solution.

By the end of the process we have a company’s Branding, Design and R&D with a set of realistic photos of the product for material evaluation and a 3D print for different models, allowing the stakeholders to take right decisions in a shorter timeframe with significant cost reduction and no waist.

As a result we have the opportunity to have on the “table” a model without involving investments in materials, tools or moulds and focussing resources in the right product.

Check our portfolio gallery to see more of these models.

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