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Author: Luis Moreira, Founder & Consultant

Date: 16/11/2017

Here’s a small “treat” for you, if you are developing a shoe in 3D for rendering.

This is a shoe last size 41 (European) in real scale. It has a heel spring of approximately 12mm and a toe spring of approximately 21mm. This last will serve pretty well the kind of outdoors and sports footwear.

Please keep in mind that this last was developed and optimised for 3D rendering, this proportions are slightly different comparing to a shoe production last, specially in the neck area. This differences will allow the renders to look more realistic. (DISCLAIMER: I will advise NOT to use this last for real production at all)

Please feel free to take a look and download it if you are interested and comments will be appreciated.

You can download this shoe last file at GrabCAD website, just follow this link. (click here)

And if you are interested you can check my whole footwear gallery. (click here)

Moredesigns 3D shoe last
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